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Here you can find pigtails and patchcords, preinstalled panels, distribution frames and all passive components. We keep all our products in stock, which quarantees short delivery time. 

Naficon Liitin Oy
Naficon NFOM LLC

The strategy of Naficon Liitin future is to strengthen and expand its markets with existing customers and new customers from all over the world.

Executing this strategy, in July 2015, Naficon Liitin founded an affiliated company, Naficon Fiber Optic Manufacturing LLC, NFOM LLC, to Dubai, UAE. In Dubai the production is located in Umm Ramool. Production starts in the beginning of November 2015.

Naficon fibre optics
Naficon brand

NFOM LLC manufacture products with LC, SC, FC, ST and MU UPC-connectors. LC, SC and FC  can be also produced with APC-polishing. 

Pigtails, patch cords, cable assemblies from 2 to 144 fibers, preinstalled panels and modules. These are made in UAE.  

Beside of our own production we supply all passive components; adapters, panels, ODF, splitters, attenuators, WDM, CWDM, cabinets and wide range of in- and outdoor cables. Also copper cables are included to our product portfolio. 

Our production is very flexible. Lead times can be in the best cases only few hours from order, because we are local, flexible company and we have good knowledge of fiber optics. 

NAFICON brand made by NFOM in UAE is beginning of something new and different.

Having local production, near customers and end-users, helps us to understand needs of the companies in the surrounding areas. Now local network builders have a company near them, which can help them to make customized and new solution.

To be local is basis for good and deep cooperation what helps building up the futures network. If you want new product, name it, we make it.



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Naficon is Finnish expert in fiber optic products

About us

NFOM production has started

March 9, 2016

It is a big pleasure to announce, that after a long period of construction work, everything is ready for production. We have started step by step our production on week 8. Now we have eight operators in our production and everything is running perfectly.

NFOM LLC`s production facility under construction work

October 17, 2015

Before NFOM, Naficon fiber optic manufacturing, LLC can start production, must the facility be modified to meet requirements of the fiber optic assembly production. Modification is now well under way. 

Finnish company Naficon Liitin Oy created NAFICON brand over 20 years ago.  Naficon Liitin Oy is family-owned company, which is manufacturing fibre optic passive products. Pigtails, patch cords, cable assemblies, a variety of preinstalled panels etc. Big part of Naficon Liitin products are tailored for the customer`s needs. In addition to manufacturing, Naficon Liitin supplies all passive products, which are needed in building up fibre optic network.

Large range of fiber optic products 

Fiber optic products | Pigtails and patchcords | Cable assemblies and preinstalled modules





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Naficon products have been used already from 1994.  All Finnish telecommunications operators have been and are using our products on their fixed and mobile networks. TeliaSonera, Elisa and DNA, three nationwide operators in Finland, are our customers. 

Also we have a long co-operation with installation companies. Eltel Networks Oyj, Relacom Oy, Voimatel Oy and Empower Oy rely us as one of their supplier. Several device manufacturers also keeps Naficon products quality good enough to be used in their products. Teleste, Exfo (Nethawk) are examples of these companies.

In data center environment Naficon is a brand, which is well known and the biggest data center company in Finland, Tieto Oyj, has been our customer over 10 years also.

Jussi Laine

Sales Director

جوسي لايني    

مدير مبيعات    المدير التنفيذي 

 +971 50 600 7780
Email: jussi.laine@naficon.ae

Jari Sormunen

Chairman of the board/CEO

جاري سورمونين

المدير الفني

+358 40 5200 598

Email: jari.sormunen@naficon.ae

Naficon NFOM LLC - Jari Sormunen

Mohammed Iqbal

Managing Director

محمد اقبال

مدير مبيعات

+971 50 113 5562

Email: mohammed.iqbal@naficon.ae

Naficon NFOM LLC - Mohammed Iqbal

Mohammad Al Suwaidi

Member of Board

محمد السويدي

عضو مجلس إدارة

+971 50 466 6652

Email: mohammad.alsuwaidi@naficon.ae

Naficon NFOM LLC - Mohammad Al Suwaidi

Viju George

Quality Manager


Email: viju.george@naficon.ae

Naficon NFOM LLC - Viju George


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Jussi Laine - Naficon NFOM LLC


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