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Mobile networks are area of industry, which is growing with huge speed. Building up LTE, also known 4G, and after few years fifth generations 5G technology, needs a lot of fibre.

Naficon has it`s own solution for fibre optic trunk cable. And in the near future we are going to have trunk cable, where is both, power and fibre, inside the same sheathing.

In product catalogue you can read more about our products, which we have at the moment to FTTA.

Naficon - fibre optic trunk cable


AB LC/LC FXMSU 12SMT trunk cable

AB means antenna box. This product is in mobile networks. When the 3G, 4G or in future 5G radios need fibre, these products are perfect for that. Inside the cable are 12 or 24 fibres. Both ends of cable have LC connectors already terminated. The other end is installed the to adapters inside of the box.  Box is IP68 class. Box is installed up the to antenna, and in box you can connect the jumper cables from radios. Using this product you need pull only one cable up to the antenna. There are five basic lengths for this product.




Trunk cable MK LC/LC FXMSU 12/24OM3T

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Product catalogue with more specific information coming soon!

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