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NFOM production has started

March 9, 2016

It is a big pleasure to announce, that after a long period of construction work, everything is ready for production. We have started step by step our production on week 8. Now we have eight operators in our production and everything is running perfectly. 


We have manufactured now our first products and those are tested. Test results where very good. Our products are high quality products. Our process is working well and on this week start delivering patch cords and pigtails.  Still we have few things to solve in packaging and stocking. These things are easy to solve and in few weeks we have a good stock of normal products and same time ability to supply special products in short notice. 


NFOM LLC´s production facility under construction work

October 17, 2015

Before NFOM, Naficon fiber optic manufacturing, LLC can start production, must the facility be modified to meet requirements of the fiber optic assembly production. Modification is now well under way. 

The target is that the facility is ready latest on beginning of week 44.  After that, production equipment, glue ovens, polishing machines, measuring instruments, video microscopes etc. can be taken inside and we can start the start up of the production line.

Naficon production


The calibration of machines should  be ready in few days and it is estimated that the production can start in middle on November. We start our production with 9 operators. In the beginning the capacity of production is about 20 000 termination per month. But after few months the idea is to increase amount of operators and that way also to get the capacity to higher level. In 2016 the target minimum capacity is 40 000 terminations per month. 

All our customers are most welcome to explore our production.

Naficon Fiber Optic Manufacturing LLC, NFOM

17th Street  Umm Ramool Dubai, UAE


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